Tomorrow I’ll be giving the first webcast in a three part series I’m presenting for Oracle. It’s actually a cool concept (the series) and I’m having a bit more fun than usual putting it together. The first session is Database Security for Security Professionals. If you are a security professional and want to learn more about databases, this is targeted right between your eyes. Rather than rehashing the same old issues, we’re going to start with an overview of some database principles and how they mess up our usual approaches to security. Then we’ll dig into those things that the security team can control and influence, and how to work with DBAs. Although we are focusing on Oracle, all the core principles will apply to any database management system.

And I swear to keep the relational calculus to myself.

The next webcast flips the story and we’ll be talking about security principles for DBAs. Yes, you DBAs will finally learn why those security types are so neurotic and paranoid. The final webcast in the series will be a “build your own”. We’ll be soliciting questions and requests ahead of time, and then I’ll crawl into a cave throw it all together into a complete presentation.

The webcast tomorrow (December 17th) will be at 11 am PT and you can sign up here.