What’s a couple hundred gigabits per second of traffic between friends, right? Because that is the magnitude of recent volumetric denial of service attacks, which means regardless of who you are, you need a plan to deal with that kind of onslaught.

Regardless of motivation attackers now have faster networks, bigger botnets, and increasingly effective tactics to magnify the impact of their DDoS attacks – organizations can no longer afford to ignore them.

In Defending Against Network-based Distributed Denial of Service Attacks we dig into the attacks and tactics now being used to magnify those attacks to unprecedented volumes. We also go through your options to mitigate the attacks, and the processes needed to minimize downtime.

To steal our own thunder, the conclusion is pretty straightforward:

Of course there are trade-offs with DDoS defense, as with everything. Selecting an optimal mix of defensive tactics requires some adversary analysis, an honest and objective assessment of just how much downtime is survivable, and clear understanding of what you can pay to restore service quickly.

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