More on this later, but I’m starting to see the data security market splitting along two lines. One focused on protecting content in user workspaces and productivity applications. It’s starting with DLP but moving towards what I call Content Monitoring and Protection.

On the other side of data security is protecting content in business applications- from your web application stack to internal applications and databases. I’m starting to call this Application and Database Monitoring and Protection, and Database Activity Monitoring is where it’s starting.

Since we need definitions, here’s my first stab for ADMP:

Products that monitor all activity in a business application and database, identify and audit users and content, and, based on central policies, protect data based on content, context, and/or activity.

For CMP, I’m sticking with my DLP definition (DLP is a terrible term, but I’m not going to fight the market):

Products that, based on central policies, identify, monitor, and protect data at rest, in motion, and in use through deep content analysis.