As we spin up Disrupt:OPS we are beginning to post cloud-specific content over there, mixing theory with practical how-to guidance. Not to worry! We have plenty of content still planned for Securosis. But we haven’t added any staff at Securosis so there is only so much we can write. In the meantime, linking to non-product posts from Securosis should help ensure you don’t lose sleep over missing even a single cloud-related blog entry.

So here’s #1 from the Disrupt:Ops hit parade!

What Security Managers Need to Know About Amazon S3 Exposures (1/2)

The accidental (or deliberate) exposure of sensitive data on Amazon S3 is one of those deceptively complex issues. On the surface it seems entirely simple to avoid, yet despite wide awareness we see a constant stream of public exposures and embarrassments, combined with a healthy dollop of misunderstanding and victim blaming.

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