I really don’t see the appeal of the whole drug thing. I’ve never been into recreational drugs other than alcohol, and even that I prefer in moderation. By “never been into” I mean never tried. Nope- didn’t hold it, didn’t inhale.

Last week after my shoulder surgery I was on reasonably heavy pain meds. I couldn’t think, couldn’t focus, couldn’t even read or watch a full length movie. I still had plenty of pain, barely slept, and definitely didn’t notice much happy in the little pills. Friday, after a client mentioned her husband bailed on the meds the first week, I went cold turkey during the days and almost immediately felt better. I still need a little at night to sleep, but boy am I glad to be off that stuff.

I’d like to say I’m tanned, rested, and ready for action, but I’m really pale (as always), tired, and gimpy. That said, it’s great to be back at work; one of the advantages of having a job you love.

Another advantage, for some of us at least, is that articles we write weeks or months earlier still get published even if we’re out of action. This month I wrote the DLP feature for Information Security Magazine. It’s all new content, although some of it will look familiar to any of you who read my DLP manifesto. On Wednesday I’ll be giving a companion webcast over at SearchSecurity.

Hopefully it looks good in print, I still don’t have a copy myself. Anyone have a copy to send to my mom?

Thanks again to everyone who supported (and continues to support) me through this surgery.