I missed including this in the Friday summary. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is challenging the legality of telecom’s being granted immunity in their participation of NSA’s warrant-less spying on US citizens, claiming the executive branch of the government has overstepped it’s authority. Indirectly they will open the entire program up for scrutiny as well.

EFF Senior Staff Attorney Kevin Bankston: “In our constitutional system, it is the judiciary’s role as a co-equal branch of government to determine the scope of the surveillance and rule on whether it is legal, not the executive’s. The Atto ey General should not be allowed to unconstitutionally play judge and jury in these cases, which affect the privacy of millions of Americans.”

Seems to have a point. This is going to be a very interesting and very important fight for personal privacy, as well as an interesting inspection of the close relationship between industry and sections of our government. And this case will be argued in a political climate that has less 9-11 fear and more annoyance with corporations misbehavior, so I think that EFF will have traction and we will be seeing this in the headlines for some time.