Way back when I converted Securosis from a blog into a company, my very first paper was (no surprise) Understanding and Selecting a DLP Solution.

Three or so years later I worried it was getting a little long in the tooth, even though the content was all still pretty accurate. So, as you may have noticed from recent posts, I decided to update and expand the content for a new version of the paper. Version 1.0 is still downloaded on pretty much a daily basis (actually, sometimes a few hundred times a month). The biggest areas of expansion were a revamped selection process (with workflow, criteria, and a selection worksheet) and more details on “DLP features” and “DLP Light” tools that don’t fit the full-solution description.

This really encapsulates everything you should need to know up through acquiring a DLP solution, but since it’s already 50+ pages I decided to hold off on implementation until the next paper (besides, that gives me a chance to scrum up some extra cash to feed the new kid). I did, however, also break out just the selection worksheet for those of you who don’t need the entire paper. Not that it will make any sense without the paper.

The landing page is here: Understanding and Selecting a DLP Solution.

Direct download is at:

Whitepaper (PDF)

Very special thanks to Websense for licensing the paper and worksheet. They were the very first sponsor of my first paper, which helped me show my wife we wouldn’t lose the house because I quit my job to blog.