Meerkat Manor, via the Guerilla CISO. Here’s an excerpt:

09 October 2007: Dear diary, I drew sentry duty for the third day this week. I know it’s my solemn duty to protect the clan, but my risk assessment has determined that, although a predator is a high-impact event, it is a low rate-of-occurance activity and so I think a better use of my time is in foraging for stray eggs. Besides, if the predators come and eat us all, it’s not like I’ll have to face the Meerkat Manor Board of Directors. 10 October 2007: Dear diary, I grow tired of the incessant looking for predators. I mean, why do us meerkats focus exclusively on detective controls which use up to 15% of our available manpower when we could just as easily reduce the sentries to 5% of our efforts and put in place corrective controls such as trap holes and punji sticks to reduce the threats to our home? The true cost savings is that the effort for corrective controls is a one-time installation where sentry duty is a recurring bill. Didn”t the alpha-pair learn anything in their Masters in Meerkat Administration classes? 11 October 2007: Dear diary, today I instituted a metrics program to gauge the effectiveness of our sentry program and to determine if we are getting the best level of risk for the time that we are investing. So far, I”ve made a bar chart to analyze the total number of predator alerts versus the total number of predator intrusions. I think I have a business case to slowly reduce the ratio of sentries to foragers during the day.