Say you are an on-line retailer: Do you ever check to make sure your web site functions? If you don’t, start! Here are a few examples of why this is a good idea:

Failure 1: When you email out a promotional flier to your user community, but the promotional form rejects the user login because the user email account you mailed the flyer to cannot be found in your database, odds are your sales response is not going to meet expectations.

Failure 2: When you on line order form rejects purchases because the zip code does not match the state, but your web form lacks an entry for state, odds are your sales response is going to be nil.

State of confusion …

Failure 3: When your customer wants to do you the courtesy of pointing out some flaws that may limit revenue, the form you ask the customers to fill out should actually exist. Presenting potential customers with a FAQ when they click a form submission link is in essence telling them ‘RTFM!’, and a great way to alienate your want-to-be-buyers.

When you are in a highly competitive market segment, you really want to check your web site for obvious bugs before the last day of the quarter.

Wake up Parallels!!!

P.S. I should say that if it was not for an exceptionally nice sales rep named Melinda, this effort would have been abandoned.