Update: Thanks to Windexh8er (who provides good information despite being far more inflammatory than he needs to, what’s up with that?) Iran is up and the traffic report is wrong.

Another cable is down in the Middle East, and Iran is now offline. News stories indicate the cables are relatively new, and odds of simultaneous component failure are low.

This can’t be seismic activity or we’d see other reports from scientists (kind of hard to hide earthquakes and volcanos these days).

The odds are inching towards deliberate tampering, but I’m not going to go all crazy with conspiracy theories yet. There could still be other explanations. And no, I don’t think this is the CIA with black submarines. If we have that capability, which I’m sure we do, we wouldn’t blow it by screwing with cables during Super Bowl weekend just to annoy people. It’s too strategically important a capability to tip our hand without a compelling, immediate cause.


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