Dennis Fisher writes in Finger-Pointing on Cyberespionage does little good without a plan:

The acknowledgement from the Pentagon, in truth, feels fairly anticlimactic. It’s the equivalent of Mark McGwire admitting to using steroids-10 years after every fan in the country had already accepted that fact. At some point it becomes sort of silly to even mention it. Water is wet, ice cream is delicious and China is attacking our networks. It just is.

It’s a good piece but misses a couple key elements: in geopolitics, finger-pointing is an essential part of every plan, and execution on cybersecurity started a few years ago (Aurora/Google and Lockheed). This is a propaganda campaign to generate political and popular support, and nothing – nothing – progresses without this foundation. The problem is the invasion by other special interests, including copyright holders, that complicates the narrative.

Make no mistake – this story was written years ago, and we are just watching the latest episodes to air.