Thanks to an independent evaluation we now know that Firefox 2.0 is slightly better than IE 7 at detecting phishing sites. Firefox detected 243 sites missed by IE while IE “only” detected 117 sites missed by Firefox.

I’m only a history major, but I think that puts it at 460 sites missed by one browser or the other. Which means neither one is really good enough.

So while everyone else is getting their panties in a wad, you can go ahead and download the Netcraft toolbar, or any of the other toolbars with anti-phishing/anti-spyware built into them (as recommended in our Top 6 Tips). Because what it really comes down to is no single tool is perfect, and if you can use multiple tools that don’t cost more or hurt your ability to get things done there’s really no reason not to.

Don’t get dragged into the “my browser/OS is better than your browser/OS” debate, which is the Internet equivalent of wearing all black and sitting in some dark coffee house while smoking cloves and debating useless narcissistic shit that no one cares about and won’t ever make you anything other than a selfish twit.

Be the dude or chick that just gets the job done, has fun, kicks ass, and looks hot in the process. Nietzsche is dead.

(Note: Securosis does not guarantee any level of hotness should you or should you not take our advice. Do not send Securosis photos to prove said hotness as we don’t care, unless you’re really hot, and then you’ll get me in trouble with my wife. Results not guaranteed. Your performance may vary.)