In our last Firestarter for this year, Mike, Adrian, and I take on some of the latest security predictions for 2015. Needless to say, we aren’t impressed. We do, however, close out with some trends we are seeing which are likely to play out next year, and are MOST DEFINITELY NOT PREDICTIONS.

One warning: despite a lack of Guinness, we use some bad words, so let’s just brand this NSFW. Unless your workplace is like ours – then go for it.

Lastly, here are links to the predictions we called out (the only ones we found – feel free to mention more in the comments):

  • Websense. Which we didn’t read because you need to register to see them.
  • Trend Micro. Home of the legal disclaimer in case you get hacked after believing their predictions.
  • Kaspersky. A hard one to rip because we have friends there.
  • Netwrix. Yeah, we don’t know who they are either.
  • Vormetric. Another company we like, but we haz to play fair.
  • My 2011 security predictions. I keep renewing them every year, without change. Still mostly holding up – I estimate I hit 70-80% accuracy for 2014.

The audio-only version is up too.