Hey everyone. It’s a new year and time for new stuff from your pals here at Securosis.

We used to run a Monday-morning ‘Firestarter’ post to get people thinking for the week. We decided to revive it with a twist. We are restarting the Firestarter as a weekly short video (15 minutes or so is our target). As we work out the details we also plan to push it out as a podcast, and once every month or so we will run a longer episode to dig deeper into a topic.

We pre-recorded this version, but as you’ll see we ran it on Google Hangouts. When possible, we will post our recording times up there so you can participate (sorry, via text only) as we record.

This week we decided to cover the NSA/RSA controversy and the… interesting… decision by some to pull out of the RSA conference over it.