We all knew the Flash was fast. But it seems Apple has made Flash so fast you can’t even use it on your Macs. Well, actually, they put some new protections in to ensure only the latest version of Flash runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

In response to frequent exploits being leveraged against the popular Adobe software, Apple has introduced a safeguard that gives Safari users no option but to keep Flash up to date.

“When attempting to view Flash content in Safari, you may see this alert: ‘Blocked Plug-in,’” said an Apple notice. From there, Safari users will be able to download the latest version of Flash.

Similar to the way Mozilla is working to save us from ourselves, Apple is now getting into the game. How long before the OS and browser makers totally dictate the updating process for plug-ins they can run? Of course that creates an even higher wall around the garden, and the toolbelt community will squeal like stuck pigs. Well, they can configure Gatekeeper not to protect them.

For everyone else, it looks like offering help keeping devices updated is a good thing.

Photo credits: Flash Before Your Eyes originally uploaded by JD Hancock