It’s tax day.

You don’t have time to read this.

I don’t have time to write it.

Actually, my accountant is taking care of my taxes (I don’t trust myself with them). What’s really sucking down my time is preparing all the hands-on portions of the Cloud Security Alliance training.

For the second time.

We decided to split the class into two days, which means I have the opportunity to both tune the material and add new material. The cloud security portions of this are actually pretty straightforward – the harder part is scripting all the instances and configurations to focus the students on the important security bits without them having to learn things like MySQL, UNIX command lines (since, you know, auditor types will be in the class) and so on.

That means I get to figure out all the scripting. Which isn’t a big deal, except I’m working with programs I don’t really deal with on a day to day basis. So there’s a lot of learning involved, and things that used to be instinctive when I was working as an admin now involve multiple web searches and mistakes to get correct.

And little things like figuring out the mechanics of running a private cloud for 40 students on a single laptop and still providing some hands-on, as opposed to just an instructor demo.

But I’m loving it.

So go away and do your taxes. I need to play.

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