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Normally I like to open the Summary with a bit of something from my personal life. Some sort of anecdote with a message. In other words, I blatantly ripped off Mike’s format for the Security Incite… long before he took over half the company. (With Mike, even a partnership can probably be defined as a hostile takeover, based solely on his gruff voice and honesty of opinion).

Heck, I can’t even remember any good anecdotes from the CCSK cloud security class Adrian and I taught last week in San Jose. Even when we hooked up with Richard Baker and our own James Arlen for dinner, I think half the conversation was about my and Jamie’s recent family trips to dinner. And that stripmall Thai place is probably better than the fanciest one here in Phoenix.

I don’t even have any good workout anecdotes. I’m back on the triathlon wagon and chugging along. Although I did get a really cool new heart rate monitor/GPS that I’m totally in love with. (The Garmin 910XT, which is friggin’ amazing). I probably need to pick a race to prep for, but am otherwise enjoying being healthy and relatively uninjured, and not getting run over by cars on my bike rides.

The kids are still cute and the older one is finally getting addicted to the iPad (which I encourage, although it is making normal computers really frustrating for her to use). They talk a lot, are growing too fast, and are far more interesting than anything else in my life. By nope, no major life lessons in the past few weeks that I can remember. Although there are some clear analogies between having kids and advanced persistent threats. Especially if you have daughters.

And work? The only lesson there is to be careful what you wish for, as I fail, on a daily basis, to keep up with my inbox. Never mind my actual projects. But business is good, some very cool research is on the way, and it’s nice to have a paycheck. And I swear the Nexus isn’t vaporware. It’s actually all torn apart as we hammer in a ton of updates based on the initial beta feedback.

In other words… life doesn’t suck. I actually enjoy it, and am amazed I get to write this on my iPad while sitting outside in perfect weather at a local restaurant. Besides, this is a security blog – if you’re reading it for life messages you need to get out more.

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Is it nicer to say “captive network” or “traffic backhauling”? That said, nice post, and definitely part of a strategy I’ve seen work, although the example that leaps to mind is actually a security products company