The Securosis team is here in San Francisco, meeting with vendors and presenting at the TechTarget Data Protection event. Weather has been reasonable and the food was awesome. But since it’s been going non-stop since something like 3:00am to (What is it now? 11:01pm) – this summary will be a short one.

I got to talk to a lot of people today. The common questions I get when meeting with vendors are, “What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are the new technologies?”

I had to stop and think about that last one for a minute. I am not really seeing any new technologies or innovation. I am seeing lots of platforms consolidating multiple technologies under a single umbrella. I am seeing configuration and vulnerability assessment vendors redefine their spaces, seeing web application security vendors bundle their products in different ways, hearing more interest in how to develop secure code, witnessing DAM go from misunderstood platform to well regarded feature, hearing lots of interest in taking advantage of fast and cheap cloud resources, and getting even more questions about what cloud security actually means. But new technologies? Not really. Yet this is one of the most interesting times in security that I have seen in the 15 years since I started working in the field. APT, Stuxnet, skimming, money mules, spam kings, and hacktivism all together make for fascinating reading. And there are tons of really good software conferences around the world with lots of great presentations. But not a lot of problems that we don’t have some solutions for. Have we reached a point where the flood of innovation has created enough tools, and now we just need to use them properly?

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