Next week is the RSA conference. You might have noticed from some of our recent blog entries. And I am really looking forward to it. It’s one of my favorite events, but I am especially anxious for good food. Yes, I want to see a bunch of friends, and yes, I have a lot of vendors I am anxious to catch up with to chat ‘bout some of their products. But honestly, all that takes a back seat to food. I like living in Arizona, but the food here sucks. Going to San Francisco, even the small hole-in-the-wall lunch places are excellent. In Phoenix, if you want a decent steak or good Mexican food, you’re covered. If you want Thai, Greek, Japanese or quality Chinese (and by that I mean a restaurant with less than two health code violations), you are out of luck. San Francisco? Every other block you find great places. And Italian. Really good Italian.

sigh … What was I talking about? Oh yeah, food!

Have you ever noticed that most security guys are into martial arts and food? Seriously. It’s true. Ask the people you know and you may be surprised at the pervasiveness of this phenomena. Combined with the fact that there are a lot of ‘foodies’ in the crowd of people I want to see, I am going look like I want to hang out, but still find quality pad thai. And I know there are going to be a dozen or so people I want to see who have the same priorities, so they won’t be offended by my ulterior motives. I plan to sneak off a couple of days and get a good lunch, and at least one evening for a good dinner, schedule be dammed! Maybe some of the noodle houses on the way up to Union Square or the hole-in-the-wall at the Embarcadero center that has surprisingly good sushi. Then swing by Peet’s on the way back for coffee that could fuel a nuclear reactor.

Anyway, it’s a short Friday summary this week because I’ve got to pack and get my presentations ready. Hope to see you all there, and please shoot me an email if you are in town and want to catch up! Just say Venti-double-shot-iced-with-cream-n-splenda-shaken, and I’m there.

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Remember, for every comment selected, Securosis makes a $25 donation to Hackers for Charity. This week’s best comment goes to Alan Shimel, in response to RSAC 2010 Guide: Network Security. And in case you think this is a case of nepotism, this very topic has been on the minds of every Securosis team member too. We will have a lot more to say on this subject, but Alan is this week’s winner as he captured the essence of our internal debate!

Guys I love the RSA guide. here is one stat I would like to see though. How many at RSA are actually potential customers or is truly a party by the security industry for the security industry. SE’s actually showing you stuff on the show floor? Its more adult trick or treaters looking for t-shirts and other chatchkes.