Since Rich is vacationing working hard at a security conference in Mexico, I figure I would write this week’s Friday Summary. I am pretty jazzed about some upcoming white papers I’ll be writing on securing data and applications at scale, understanding and selecting masking technologies, and why log management is not dead! And I am having a good time researching and writing the DAM 2.0 DSP series as well. I originally intended to write about our research agenda but changed my mind. Frankly, I have spring fever. Spring fever, you ask, in the first week of February? Yep. It’s 74 degrees here and sunny. WTF? Punxsutawney Phil weighed in with his opinion, and after burning his retinas, it looks like we are going to have another six weeks of winter. I sure hope so! Another six weeks of this type of weather would be awesome. I have been on the phone with dozens of people around the country, from Boston to San Diego, and they are all experiencing fantastic weather. Even Gunnar reports highs of 48 degrees in Minnesota. I guess the cold air jet stream has been staying north of the border. For me this means my peach trees are blooming. Blooming! On freakin’ January 30th! See for yourself:

And I know some of you may not care, but the warm weather means my backyard garden is almost complete. Following up on my post last October, in just a couple short months the Vegetable Fortress is built!

Overbuilt? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may put some solar powered laser turrets on it. You never know when Al-Qaeda might train gophers with tig welders to attack my squash. And if the DHS threat level spikes I will have a detachment of Araucana commando chickens to beat back the attack. The price of vegetables is eternal vigilance – and $3.95 for GMO free seeds.

Now call in sick and go outside to enjoy the nice weather! You’ll be glad you did.

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