With Rich pretty much out of commission this week and my very last minute preparation for Source Boston underway, this week’s post with be a short one. Plus I need to install the current Mac OS X patches and reboot all of the computers in the house. That little bouncing icon is finally going to get it’s way. On that note, has anyone out there ever looked at the viability of polluting the Apple downloads? Every time I click one of these I am always uncertain why I trust it or how I could verify the contents if I really wanted to. But at the moment, that sounds like too much work to investigate. Perhaps I should simply remain happy and ignorant of the process.

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  • Nothing. Nada. We have been oddly absent.

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  • Adrian: Thank goodness Mike Rothman wrote this, with typical humor and eloquence, to capture the essence of the recent Visa press releases and associated Network World article. We are all trying to decipher what exactly they are telling us, and speculating that there is a lot they are not telling us. No way I could have been this fair and even-handed.
  • Rich: Pass.

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One question: Is she a Parrot Head?

Congrats Rich and Sharon!

She will be … we have tickets to go next weekend!