Rich here. It amazes me how something completely mundane can be utterly fascinating the first time you experience it.

This morning I woke up about 5:45 as I heard my younger daughter waking up herself. If history held, she had been up for a little while and was ready to get out of her crib. Now!!! Nothing new there, and I started the painful process of getting out of bed (I d hammered my bad shoulder a little too much during my swim workout yesterday, leading to a painful night).

Here’s the cool bit. Our older daughter (who is only 3) came barging in to tell us her little sister wanted out of the crib. This is the same 3-year-old who was still calling for us to get her out of her toddler bed a mere week or so ago. Oh, she could easily extricate herself, but the habit of yelling for us to get her was deeply ingrained. She’d sit there yelling for one of us while clutching her stuffed animals and blanket, only to hand them over so she could climb out.

So I got out of bed, went down the hall to the little one’s open door, and carried her downstairs. Then I noticed big sister’s stuff already there on her spot on the couch.

“Have you been up for a while?”


“What were you doing?”

“I was giving the cat some treats.”

This is, relatively speaking, nothing. We all get out of bed ourselves in the morning and start our days. But it was the first time one of our kids got out of bed, took her stuff downstairs, and played with the cat without waking anyone else up. And 20 years from now the odds are I won’t remember it. But damn – for this one moment I was more impressed and proud of this tiny little thing we all do, and all kids do, than any “big” accomplishments (whatever those are).

The best part? She’d even put the cat treats away in the drawer.

I think I like this parenting thing. Despite the lack of sleep, large amounts of vomit I’m occasionally covered with, and all the interesting places I’ve now gotten to clean shit out or off of.

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