My wife and I are pretty big Jimmy Buffett fans. I first got hooked way back in high school, working as a lifeguard. The summer of my freshman year in college I went with a group of friends down to the Orange Bowl, and we snuck off for a day trip to Key West and a short visit to the very first Margaritaville.

I really got hooked when I was deep into paramedic school. In our program you worked or attended classes 80+ hours a week – bouncing around between a bunch of hospitals, fire stations, and ambulance bays throughout the entire Denver Metro area. In the middle of winter I survived all those hours on the road thanks only to a Buffett tape serenading me with sweet visions of beaches and beer.

Later, it didn’t hurt that I met my wife at a Buffett show.

While he tours consistently year after year, he only hits Phoenix every 2-3 years now. So when we didn’t see our home town on the schedule, a bunch of us decided to get tickets to the Vegas show.

Then he added the Denver show. I lived in Boulder for 16 years and still have a big chunk of friends there who convinced me to pop over for the show – especially since I hadn’t seen some of them in 2 years, and Buffett hadn’t played Denver in 8.

Then he added the Phoenix show.

And that, my friends, is how I managed to sign up for three Jimmy Buffett shows, in three different cities, in three different states in one week.

One of which is tonight, and I have to go assemble our new portable grill. So…

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Quiet week. Guess even media whores need some time off.

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  • Adrian Lane: Secret iOS business; what you don’t know about your apps. There are scarier threats to all mobile platforms than what’s mentioned here, but the post does a great job of underscoring that security is only as good as the app developer. And if they want to spy on you… they will.
  • Mike Rothman: The forever recession (and the coming revolution). Seth Godin is the philosopher king of the Internet age. This is a great post about how every recession gives way to unbounded growth. If you can figure out how to deal with the next thing. Read this. Read his stuff. Adapt.
  • Pepper: Georgia Tech Turns iPhone into spiPhone. Fortunately not suitable for even half-decent passwords, but a very clever hack to eavesdrop via an accelerometer. Should work on Android phones too – for now.
  • Rich: Michael Winslow gets the Led out. I know this has nothing to do with security. And I know it’s been all over Twitter. But it’s still the awesomest thing I’ve seen in a while.

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Remember, for every comment selected, Securosis makes a $25 donation to Hackers for Charity. This week’s best comment goes to Patrick, in response to Database Security Market Sizing and Guesstimation.

This post raises an interesting issue for me –

And that is, what is the purpose of measurement and estimation? Of anything, really – a market, an effect, a potential risk or loss magnitude?

In my mind, it’s a matter of accuracy vs precision, bounded by the contextual requirements of how much reduction in uncertainty is required by the subject/decision at hand.

Single point estimates, like the one referenced above – are usually not as informative as we might wish.

A range, or even an estimated probability distribution, is much more useful, and not that hard to do quickly.

How big is the database security market? I don’t know – but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t come up with something useful if I needed to make a decision.

The key here is useful, not precise – just about measurement carries some uncertainty.