FUD can be your friend when trying to get security projects funded. But it needs to be wisely used and you only have one bullet in the proverbial chamber. The folks at Prolexic just rolled out a new white paper on using FUD to make the case internally about DDoS. The paper requires registration, so I didn’t. I know all about the FUD involved in DDoS – I don’t need these guys educating me about that.

So here are some really FUD-elicious reasons why business folks need to be worried about DDoS:

The damage from a DDoS attack actually goes far beyond IT and can impact:

  • Stock price and investor confidence
  • Sales revenues and profitability
  • Brand reputation
  • Customer service
  • Employee morale
  • Search engine rankings and more

How’s that for some chicken little action? I think a DDoS may clog your toilets as well, so bring the plungers. And make sure you have psychologists on call – employee morale will be in the dumpers with every incremental 10Gbps of DDoS traffic hammering your systems.

And your scrubbing center can make it all better. Just ask them.

Yes, I’m being a bit facetious. OK, very facetious. I can imagine investors have no faith in the Fortune 10 banks that get hammered by DDoS every day. Man, I could go on all day…

Anyhow, this one was just too juicy to let pass. Now I’ll get back to doing something productive…