This is not a ‘security’ post.

Has anyone had a problem with Google AdWords continuing to bill their credit cards after their account is terminated? Within the last two months, four people have complained to me that their credit cards continued to be changed even though they cancelled their accounts. In fact, the charges were slightly higher than normal. In a couple of cases they had to cancel their credit cards in order to get the charges to stop, resulting in letters from “The Google AdWords Team” threatening to pursue with the issuing bank … and, no, I am not talking about the current spam floating around out there but a legitimate email. All this despite having the email acknowledgement that the AdWords account had been cancelled.

I did a quick web search (without Google) and I only found a few old complaints on line about this, but in my small circle of friends, this is a pretty high number of complaints considering how few use Google for their small businesses.

I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this issue?

Okay- maybe it is a security post after all…