Google Glass Has Already Been Hacked By Jailbreakers

By Rich

Courtesy of Forbes:

Freeman, who goes by the hacker handle “Saurik” and created the widely-used app store for jailbroken iOS devices known as Cydia, told me in a phone interview that he discovered yesterday that Glass runs Android 4.0.4, and immediately began testing previously-known exploits that worked on that version of Google’s mobile operating system. Within hours, he found that he could use an exploit released by a hacker who goes by the name B1nary last year to gain full control of Glass’s operating system.

As David Mortman said in our internal chat room:

Love that it’s a slightly modified year old exploit. Google couldn’t even bother to release an up to date version of android with the device.

Here is why it matters – Glass will be open to most, if not all Android exploits unless Google takes extra precautions. Glass is always on, with a persistent video camera that isn’t blacked out when you drop it in your pocket. This offers malware opportunities beyond even the risks of a phone. Since every jailbreak is a security exploit, this is a problem.

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Glassholes - awesome!

Google cars. Google trikes. Now always on Google Glass makes us, what, crowd sourced Google Maps?

And I’m curious if Google Glass catalogs open WiFi hotspots, or a hacker does, does the wearer get busted?


By Adrian Lane

I presume Glass doesn’t have a green ‘REC’ light on either wearer or world side, so no way to know if/when a cracker is spying on you, right? Obviously it *should* have a REC light, but presumably Glass is *always* processing a live video stream, so it’s not like it could visually signal presence of camera power—and of course people would be even more paranoid if they could see when Glassholes were recording them.

By Chris Pepper

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