Computerworld yesterday reported on a US-CERT advisory for the popular Quickbooks Online Edition.

I know it’s popular because I use it. And I’m popular. Aren’t I? Really? Oh… Don’t tell my mom, okay?

I just started using QuickBooks Online to run the business side of Securosis. I think it’s a great idea, but they REALLY need to re-think the architecture. IE only ActiveX controls are like totally 1990s. I have to run Parallels to enter expenses (since I’m on a Mac). Web 2.0 guys, it’s totally “in”. Either that, or update QB Pro on the Mac to have all the features of the Windows version, instead of a subset.

Like they’re reading this blog. Oh well, that’s what I get for giving them money even though I’m not totally happy with the service. I only have myself to blame.

Where’s that shaker of salt again?