Back when I started Securosis my first white paper was Understanding and Selecting a DLP Solution. It has been downloaded many thousands of times (about 400 times a month for the first couple years), and I still see it showing up all the time when I talk with clients. (Some people call it the DLP Bible, but if I said that it would be really pretentious). Although the paper is still accurate, it’s time for an update.

Over the next month I’ll be putting together the new revision of the paper and I want to make sure it reflects what you all need.

My plans right now are to:

  1. Update the technology details. While there haven’t been any major shifts, we’ve definitely seen some useful new features and functions to consider when looking for a tool.
  2. Update the section on DLP as a Feature. The current paper focuses almost completely on full-suite solutions. While that’s still the option I usually recommend, I know some of you are only looking for coverage in a particular area. I plan to add a new section so you understand how the single channel or DLP features of other security tools work.
  3. Updated selection process. This is where I plan on putting most of myt effort… I’ll be creating a decision tree to help you prioritize your process. This section will also be released as a worksheet you can use during your selection process. It won’t name solutions, but will walk you through, and help you figure out your priorities and how those translate to technology decisions.
  4. Prettier pictures.

But these are just my early ideas. If you have anything specific you want covered, feedback on the first version of the paper, or any other feedback on DLP, please let me know. You can drop it in the comments here or email me directly at

Also, although I’ll still follow our Totally Transparent Research process, it doesn’t make sense to post copy edits and tweaks as blog posts. I’ll post new sections and some major edits, but you’ll have to read the paper for the rest.