It probably does not need to be said, but just about the entire Securosis team will be at Black Hat this week. And no, not just for the parties, but there will be some of that as well. I want to see a boatload of sessions this year – and I am betting Moss, Schneier, Shostack, Ranum, and Granick on stage together will be entertaining.

On Wednesday David Mortman will present The Defense rests: Automation and APIs for Improving Security. I think this will be a great session – the topic is very timely, given the way firms are moving away from SOAP-based APIs to REST. You should see this one too – rumor is that Kaminsky’s presentation is very boring, and API security is way more interesting than that old network stack/DNS stuff.

This Friday at DefCon David Mortman, Rich Mogull, Chris Hoff, Dave Maynor, Larry Pesce, and James Arlen will all present at DEF CON Comedy Jam V, V for Vendetta. I have seen parts of Rich’s presentation, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to see as well.

Me, I am going to be… actually I have no idea where I will be. I’m proctoring sessions, but at this moment I have no idea which ones. Or when. Unlike previous years, I am “schedule challenged” – but fear not, for those of you I said I want to meet, I will get in touch when I land in Vegas and figure out my schedule. Looking forward to seeing you there!