The summer conference season has begun, and for those of us living in Phoenix, going to conferences is a great way to get out July’s blast furnace heat. I’m heading out tomorrow to the Cloud Identity Summit in Vail, Colorado. I’m not speaking – just going to hang out and learn. And there is a lot to lean about with new developments in identity management. Many of the basic tools are not actually new – SAML has been around for about a decade – but the rate of product evolution in this field is frankly staggering. How products are being deployed for cloud and mobile – and how authentication, authorization, and provisioning work together in these environments – are new. I expect to see wholesale changes in how we use and consume identity in the coming years – be it cloud, mobile, or whatever. So we have decided we need to increase coverage in this area, to aid IT in understanding how to approach identity management projects, and to dig into some of the technical details of how developers should approach implementation. Rich and I will be doing a lot of blogging on this topic in the coming months, and Gunnar Peterson and I plan to publish research on the ins and outs of cloud identity late this summer, so stay tuned.

My goal is to do a little blogging while I’m there, about what’s new and interesting. If you plan to attend let me know so we can meet up!