As we all get ready for the turkey-induced food coma awaiting us Yanks in two days, let me expand a bit on an incomplete thought put forth by the Hoff. His Cloudiness wonders aloud if Compliance is the Autotune of the Security Industry.

Instead of having to actually craft and execute a well-tuned security program which focuses on managing risk in harmony with the business, we’ve simply learned to hum a little, add a couple of splashy effects and let the compliance Autotune do it’s thing.

Genius. Forget that squirrel stuff, Hoff should just dub himself T-Comply.

It’s actually worse than this. Our friends at the PCI Security Standards council have not only provided the sheet music, but also the equivalent of a nice little iPad app that has a big red button in the middle saying COMPLY. Press the button, it makes your friendly assessor go away (with his/her check for lots of money for the ROC), and you go back to playing World of Warcraft, right?

Many of us rue the fact that compliance is the only thing that gets the attention of senior management. And this has resulted in the elimination of one bar previously security had to clear. These days there is really only one bar to get over: the ‘COMPLIANT’ rubber stamp you need in the annual report. There is little incentive to go beyond compliance, because if it’s good enough for the card brands it should be good enough for you, right?

Of course, that’s wrong. But the ‘good’ news is that most people and organizations believe it. And they build their Auto-Tune security programs to just barely clear the bar. They are the folks at the bottom of the fraud food chain. So the reality is that Auto-Tune security is good for you, as long as you can convince senior management to clear the bar by a couple feet. Remember: You don’t have to outrun the grizzly – just your slowest friend.

Yes, that’s easier said than done, but as you are munching on gizzards Thursday (or veggie meatballs and Tofurky, as it may be) be thankful that Auto-Tune security has emerged. It makes you look like a Security Rockstar in comparison. Though Chris could have used some Auto-Tune magic himself on that one.