As reported on Tom’s Guide, FireEye reports they have discovered a PDF 0-Day that is currently being exploited in the wild:

According to the report, this exploit drops two DLLs upon successful exploitation, one of which displays a fake error message and opens a decoy PDF document. The second DLL drops the callback component which talks to a remote domain.

“We have already submitted the sample to the Adobe security team,” the firm stated on Wednesday in this blog. “Before we get confirmation from Adobe and a mitigation plan is available, we suggest that you not open any unknown PDF files. We will continue our research and continue to share more information.”

And note that this is not just a Windows issue – Linux and OS X versions are also susceptible. So avoid using unknown PDF files – that is the recommended work-around – while you wait for a patch. No kidding! Personally I just disabled Adobe Reader from my machine and I’ll consider re-enabling at some point in the future. Some of you don’t have this option, so use caution.