As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we are in the process of splitting out the heavy duty research we do for our blog series from the security industry tips and tactics. Here is a little explanation of why:

When we first started the blog it was pretty much just Rich talking about his cats, workouts, and the occasional diatribe against the Security Industrial Complex. As we have added people and expanded our research we realized we were overloading people with some of our heavier research. While some of you want to dig into our big, multi-part series on deep technical and framework issues, many of you are more interested in keeping up to date with what’s going on out there in the industry, and prefer to read the more in-depth stuff as white papers.

So we decided to split the feed into two versions. The Complete feed/view includes everything we publish. We actually hope you read this one, because it’s where we publish our research for public review, and we rely on our readers to keep us honest. The Highlights feed/view excludes Project Quant and heavy research posts. It still includes all our ‘drive-by’ commentary, the FireStarters, Incites, and Friday Summaries, and anything we think all our readers will be interested in. Don’t worry – even if you stick to the Highlights feed we’ll still summarize and point to the deeper content.

One of the things we didn’t do was summarize the Incident Response Fundamentals series. This started as React Faster and Better, but we realized about midway that we needed to have a set of fundamentals published before we could go into some of the advanced topics that represent the RFAB philosophy.

So here is a list of posts of the Incident Response Fundamentals series:

We think this is a good set of foundational materials to start understanding incident response. But the discipline clearly has to evolve, and that’s what our next blog series (the recast React Faster and Better) is about. We’ll start that tomorrow and have it wrapped up nicely with a bow by Christmas.