We have finished and put a little bow around our Security Management 2.0: Time to Replace Your SIEM? paper. So it’s time to post the series index, as well as a link to the completed paper.

As always, we couldn’t provide content like this without support from our sponsors. For this project, we would like to thank Dell SecureWorks, Nitro Security, Q1 Labs, and Tenable Network Security.

Check out the paper in our research library, or you can download it directly: Security Management 2.0: Time to Replace Your SIEM?

Index of Posts

  1. Time to Replace Your SIEM? (new series)
  2. Platform Evolution
  3. Revisiting Requirements
  4. Platform Evaluation, Part 1
  5. Platform Evaluation, Part 2
  6. Vendor Evaluation – Culling the Short List
  7. Vendor Evaluation – Driving the PoC
  8. Security Management 2.0: Making the Decision
  9. Security Management 2.0: Negotiation
  10. Security Management 2.0: Migration
  11. Managed Services in a Security Management 2.0 World