Just a day after I talked about how it takes sustained failures for consumers to leave a company and go to a competitor, we have an example where switching isn’t really an option.

Over at Dark Reading we learn that Phizer has suffered it’s third employee privacy breach in a row.

At least they’re doing the “right” thing by involving law enforcement and offering credit monitoring. I suspect, since these made the press, they’re also improving security.

That said, you have to feel for the employees who don’t have much of a choice to go anywhere “more” secure.

Actually, neither do you.

The last time my info was breached was at the student healthcare center at the University of Colorado. My SSN was stolen out of old records.

How about you? I suspect every one of you has personal data sitting around old healthcare providers, never mind financial institutions, retail stores, government databases, old utilities providers, and subscriptions to “those” services under fake names, still billed to your real credit card.

You no longer have a relationship with these providers (or one you can’t sever), yet they still represent a real risk to your security.

Market forces can’t fix this one.