I’d like to take a moment and introduce a new contributor to Securosis.

Chris Pepper is a senior systems administrator at Rockefeller University in NYC and longtime contributor to TidBITS and various other publications. Chris is one of the most knowledgeable sysadmins I’ve ever known and the first person I turn to when I need command-line support on various *nix flavors or Mac.

Chris and I have been friends since sometime near the end of high school (we went to different schools). I was insanely jealous of his Apple Newton and after years of debate he’s the one that finally convinced me to give Macs a shot (I mostly use Macs these days). He’s often reviewed my work before publication and his skills as an editor are frightening.

I’ve asked Chris to join Securosis as a contributor due to his perspective as an end-user. He’s not a security vendor, out-of-date industry analyst (that’s me), full-time security professional, or even product vendor. Chris works at a major university dealing with security issues on a daily basis as an adminsrator. Over the years Chris has hosted my personal domains out of his apartment and his attention to detail with regards to security is far beyond most of the professional services I’ve used. He’s even discovered a few vulnerabilities in the course of his admin duties.

Chris’ personal blog is located at http://www.reppep.com/weblog/pepper/

He’s here to keep us security pundits honest and bring a little bit of the real world into our discussions…