I know what you are thinking. “Oh god, they should stick to podcasting.” You’re probably right about that – it’s no secret that Rich and I have faces made for radio. But since we hang around with Adrian, we figured maybe he’d be enough of a distraction to not focus on us. You didn’t think we keep Adrian around for his brains, do you?

Joking aside, video is a key delivery mechanism for Securosis content moving forward. We’ve established our own SecurosisTV channel on blip.tv, and we’ll be posting short form research on all our major projects this way throughout the year. You can get the video directly through iTunes or via RSS, and we’ll also be embedding the content on the blog as well.

So on to the main event: Our first video is an RSA Conference preview highlighting the 3 Key Themes we expect to see at the show. The video runs about 15 minutes and we make sure to not take ourselves too seriously.

Direct Link: http://blip.tv/file/3251515

Yes, we know embedding a video is not NoScript friendly, so for each video we will also include a direct link to the page on blip.tv. We just figure most of you are as lazy as we are, and will appreciate not having to leave our site. We’re also interested in comments on the video – please let us know what you think. Whether it’s valuable, what we can do to improve the quality (besides getting new talent), or any other feedback you may have.