I started a blog in 2006.

This blog, to be precise.

I kinda just wanted a blog. Blogs were cool. Twitter wasn’t really a thing yet. YouTube was only like a year old. The iPhone was hiding in an engineering and design lab.

I didn’t expect securosis.com to be around 18 years later. I certainly didn’t expect it would become my full time job for 15 of those years. I most definitely didn’t expect to take on partners, spin out a product startup, have kids, lose my hair, grow… other hair, lose a partner (to a bank, not the grave, if there’s a difference), and, as of last weekend, migrate the entire site to our fourth hosting provider and third new software stack without losing any significant content.

And most embarrassing of all, I didn’t expect to not write on my own site for… 3 years.

But that’s what happens when you build a startup that gets acquired (and I still work there full time), your consulting customers keep you super busy with hands-on technical projects, and you spend a chunk of the pandemic running around playing paramedic. Oh, and when your kids hit the age where you and your wife effectively become unpaid ride share drivers.

Now it’s time to come home. I’m still working and writing at FireMon and other places, but thanks to the success of CloudSLAW (my lab a week newsletter/blog/YouTube channel) I have the itch to just start blogging about random non-day-job security stuff again. I also have some new research on the way, and maybe some friends will be dropping in. Securosis (the company) is just for side projects now, and weirdly I think that gives me a freedom in my writing I forgot about.

We just moved the site and I’m slowly updating things. In the coming weeks I also plan to pull some old posts from the 18-year history of this site and rip them to shreds with my modern knowledge and sensibilities. I hope some of you stick around for the ride, but I plan to have fun no matter what.