So a couple of weeks ago in the Incite (4th snippet) I gave Jamie Arlen huge kudos for being a soothsayer. At Black Hat 2011 Jamie presented an attack scenario attacking high frequency trading networks, and Bloomberg recently reported that attack actually hit a hedge fund.

But the attack never happened. Yeah, it turns out the cyber expert at BAE Systems who identified the attack was allegedly presenting a scenario to the management team – not a real attack.

The attack, she said, “was inaccurately presented as a client case study rather than as an illustrative example.”

Those folks are spinning so fast, I’m getting dizzy. While laughing my butt off.

But back to the point of Jamie’s research. The attack is plausible and feasible, so it’s just a matter of time before it does really happen, if it hasn’t already.

Photo credit: “Pants on Fire” originally uploaded by Mike Licht