(From Slashdot)

So a student creates a map of his school for a video game mod, and gets arrested and kicked out of school.

Aside from discouraging freedom of thought, something I doubt the Founding Fathers ever thought needed protection, how is the youth of today supposed to prepare for the coming alien invasion? This is a serious issue and we can no longer let these gutless liberals undermine the defense of this country by preventing our future warriors from learning the latest frag techniques for radioactive mutants, alien invaders, or Mo from the Simpsons (love that mod).

The quote of the year:

“They decided he was a terroristic threat,” said one source close to the district”s investigation.

“Terroristic”. That’s just awesome. Nice to see sniglets returning to the common vernacular related to national defense.

Can we make dumb people wear hats or something? Please?