Tomorrow my wife and I leave for New Orleans. We’re taking in the Jazz Fest, and celebrating our 1-year anniversary.

I’m still not sure how I got her to marry me. Social engineering was definitely involved.

I haven’t been back to New Orleans in about 4 or 5 years. I almost deployed there as part of the Katrina response, but my team was turned back just outside Baton Rouge to help with all the evacuees in Houston instead. We’re not sure what to expect when we hit the city. I suspect all the tourist areas are gussied up, but we’ll be driving out of town for part of our trip and have the opportunity to see the parts I don’t think they want us to see.

But now is not the time for Katrina stories. I’ve just spent a wonderful year with the best woman on the planet. Sorry guys, my wife’s better than yours. She bought me the Lego robot kit for xmas; how can you possibly top that?

The last part of the trip will be speaking at a Risk Management conference there. If you’re at the show, come say hi…