We are always pretty happy-go-lucky around here, but some days we are really happy.

Today is one of those days.

As you probably grasped from the headline, we are insanely excited to announce that Jennifer ‘JJ’ Minella is now a Contributing Analyst here at Securosis.

JJ has some of the deepest technical and product knowledge of anyone we know, on top of a strong grounding as a security generalist. As a security engineer she has implemented countless products in various organizations. She is also a heck of a good speaker/writer, able to translate complex topics into understandable chunks for non-techie types. There is a reason she worked her way up to the executive ranks. JJ also has one of the most refined BS sensors in the industry. Seems like a good fit, eh?

This is actually a weird situation because we always wanted to have her on the team but figured she was too busy to ask. Mike and JJ even worked together for months on their RSA presentation. It was classic over-analysis – she didn’t hesitate when we finally brought it up. Okay, probably over beers at RSA, which is how a lot of our major decisions are made.

JJ joins David Mortman, Gunnar Peterson, James Arlen, Dave Lewis, and Gal Shpantzer as a contributor. Mike, Adrian, and I feel very lucky to have such an amazing group of security pros practically volunteer their time to work with us and keep the research real.