Way back in 2004 Rich wrote an article over at Gartner on the serious issues plaguing Oracle product security. The original piece is long gone, but here is an article about it. It lead to a moderately serious political showdown, Rich flying out to meet with Oracle execs, and eventually their move to a quarterly patch update cycle (due more to the botched patch than Rich’s article). This week Oracle’s 25-year-veteran CISO Mary Ann Davidson published a blog post decrying customer security assessments of their products. Actually she threatened legal action for evaluation of Oracle products using tools that look at application code. Then she belittled security researchers (for crying wolf, not understanding what they are talking about, and wasting everybody’s time – especially her team’s), told everyone to trust Oracle because they find nearly all the bugs anyway (not that they seem to patch them in a timely fashion), and… you get it.

Then, and this is the best part, Oracle pulled the post and basically issued an apology. Which never happens.

So you probably don’t need us to tell you what this Firestarter is about. The short version is that the attitudes and positions expressed in her post closely match Rich’s experiences with Oracle and Mary Ann over a decade ago. Yeah, this is a fun one.