You have to love it when your employees take some initiative and aggressively take it to the competition who is cleaning your clock. They spend their time working the product, refining the messaging, and getting your mojo back in the market, right?

Or you can just buy a domain like and post some sophomoric insults at the competition. I’m pretty sure that favorably impacts the sales cycle, though it may more favorably impact the employee’s self-esteem.

You might think this is a joke, but it’s not. Some HP ArcSight folks figured that if they couldn’t compete in the market, they might as well just insult Splunk, and that would help. They bought and posted some zingers like this one on the Tweeter.

“Splunk is a security company #AprilFoolsDay.”
(April 1, 2014 @splunkfail).

Seriously. This really happened. ROFL. Literally – I actually rolled on the floor laughing.

The folks at Starbucks were not amused. Neither were the Splunk folks, and they (rightfully) complained to HP’s Ethics officer, who promptly dealt with the situation, resulting in those employees pulling down the site and giving the domain to Splunk. Though HP did claim no responsibility for the rogue employees. Maybe they will accept responsibility for providing an endless stream of LOLs for the rest of us.