I have to admit, this is a bit of a first.

I am participating in a cloud security webinar July 21st with Elastica, a cloud application security gateway firm (that’s the name I’m playing with for this category). It will be less slides and more discussion, and not about their product. This is a product category I have started getting a lot of questions on, even if there isn’t a standard name yet, and I will probably pop off a research paper on it this fall.

But that isn’t the important part. Sometimes clients pony up an iPad or something if you sign up for a webinar. Heck, we’ve given out our fair share of Apple toys (and once a Chumby) to motivate survey participation. This time Elastica is, for real, giving away a Ducati Monster 696.

No, I am not eligible to win.

I thought it was a joke when they showed me the mockup of the contest page, but it is very real. You still have to pay delivery, title, insurance, customs, transportation, and registration fees.

Needless to say, I feel a little pressure to deliver. (Good content – I don’t think they’d let me drive the Ducati to your house).