Back in August I finally broke down and encrypted my computer using the built in FileVault feature in Mac OS X.

After 3 months I figure it’s time for an update.

I was originally concerned about FileVault based on reports of corrupted images during system crashes and other unexpected events. I have yet to experience any problems. At all.

I’ve crashed my Mac and experienced sudden shutdowns during everything from normal usage, to that dangerous moment with the encrypted image is reclaiming unused space. My encrypted image always comes back, no problems. It’s also pretty big- with multiple virtual machines, all my Outlook files, and all my work documents in my home directory. Plus the occasional movie file. One big 30-40 GB image.

I still backup regularly, but I have yet to experience any problems. No noticeable performance impact. No corrupted images. No problems booting. No disasters after crashes.

All in all I feel totally comfortable recommending FileVault. Keep your backups current, and have fun.