Macworld Expo may no longer be good enough for Apple, but it’s still one of my conference highlights of the year. I’ll be out there today through Thursday while Adrian manages the fort in Phoenix (I’ve managed to convince him that cleaning the cat litter while my wife is at work is a formal job responsibility, please don’t tell him that’s illegal and stuff).

Most of my writing this week will be over at TidBITS, but I’ll pop some of my informal thoughts (and anything security related) over here at Securosis and on Twitter. And if any of you are over at the Expo, drop me a line and let’s try to meet up.

For the record- I don’t expect any earth shattering new announcements this week, but some nice incremental upgrades. To be honest, I’d rather have better stability and functionality with what I already own than some new device I’ll get in trouble for buying.

P.S. Dear Apple, if you do announce anything insanely new and cool, please make it small enough to fit in my carry-on luggage. That is all.