Just a little President’s Day update on the Malware Analysis Quant project. At the end of last month we packaged up all the process descriptions into a spiffy paper, which you can download and check out.

We have been cranking away at the second phase of the research, and the first step of that is the survey. Here is a direct survey link, and we would love your input. Even if you don’t do in-depth malware analysis every day, that’s instructive, as we try to figure out how many folks actually do this work, and how many rely on their vendors to take care of it.

Finally, we have also started to document the metrics that will comprise the cost model which is the heart of every Quant project. Here are links to the metrics posts we include both in the Heavy feed and on the Project Quant blog.

One last note: as with all of projects, our research methodology is dynamic. That means posting something on our blog is just the beginning. So if you read something you don’t agree with let us know, and work with us to refine the research. Leave a comment on the blog, or if for some reason you can’t do that drop us an email.