Okay, it was only a half-marathon, but considering I hurt my knee and wasn’t able to train for a month I feel pretty darn good about finishing. In my head that is; legs aren’t quite as pleased.

I’m heading off to Macworld Expo tomorrow and will be in San Francisco all week. I’m helping cover the event for TidBITS. While most of my non-security writing will be over there, since TidBITS is an edited publication I’ll probably be pushing out some random Apple posts over here.

I’m hoping for two announcements this week, although honestly don’t expect them. First is for the 3G iPhone, preferably with GPS and a functioning 2-way calendar/to-do list. I’ve been disappointed in my Blackberry Pearl for two reasons- the craptastic browser, and since I don’t have an Exchange server I don’t get truly real-time email. (Yes, I can do hosted Exchange, but that doesn’t make sense for me).

Second, I’m hoping for a refresh on the MacBook Pros with SSD drives and LED screens for better battery life. The rumors seem to trend more towards a compact MBP or tablet which would be okay if the specs are high enough.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the first non-security, non-Gartner conference I’ve been to in years.