Statement from SecureWorks:

SecureWorks and Apple are working together in conjunction with the CERT Coordination Center on any reported security issues. We will not make any additional public statements regarding work underway until both companies agree, along with CERT/CC , that it is appropriate.

I’ve been told Maynor is no longer speaking at ToorCon.

I’m disappointed, but it’s obvious there’s now something going on with CERT.

I stand by my statements that Maynor and Ellch are responsible security researchers that helped advance Mac security. At this point, I don’t have any other comments, this has dragged on far longer than it deserves.

My Mac is more secure today thanks to Dave and John. That’s the most important result of this entire debacle.

I expect we’ll all eventually learn more, but as of now this is officially buried.

Update: Ou is still headed to ToorCon and has some other points. I really doubt there will be any legal action, everyone wants this dog dead, but it will be interesting to see what happens at ToorCon.